Dream Team

Making progress every day doing what we do best is how we are going to change the world. One event at a time.


Our Story.

CloudExpo was the result of four visionary specialists from various backgrounds, band together to start a business with a goal to boost productivity and efficiency in the virtual event industry. Their combined portfolio includes trade and consumer exhibition, event management, branding and advertising, full stack web development, and finance.

CloudExpo's Founders

Zen Yeo

Chief Executive Officer

Zen has a long track record as a serial entrepreneur. He serviced over 100 corporate accounts in the last 10 years within the event and exhibition industry. He envisioned a future of possibilities and innovations. Zen believes every event must have a memorable experience to create a lasting impression. He is not one to wait for something to happen, he makes it happen. While the world comes to a pause, he sprints ahead with a game-changing plan to revive the event industry.

Liren Yeo

Chief Tech Officer

Liren was formerly a coding lecturer with the popular Next Academy, who has coached over 300 students. He specialised in full-stack development focusing on ReactJS. His resilience in pushing the boundaries has gifted us the possibility of CloudExpo. Liren’s revolutionary ideas for the future event industry is driven by high efficiency technology and machine-learning algorithms. He aims to create an intelligent hybrid event solution that is a 100% Malaysian made.

Waiyee Koh

Executive Creative Director

Waiyee is an international creative strategist with broad branding design knowledge. By working in a wide range of industries, from commercial retailers to trade businesses, and beyond – She has developed a knack for novelty creation, using proven methods and innovative solutions to create a profoundly engaged and emotional appealing user experience. With over 10 years of hands-on experience, she knows the psychology behind every successful event.

Carlos Yue

Chief Finance Officer

Carlos is a finance practitioner of 8 years with extensive experience in risk management across commodities and securities markets. Under his strategic and analytical business acumen, his fund portfolio has achieved a compounded return of 35% year on year over the course of half a decade. His expertise helps CloudExpo steer in line with market demands and push the company’s potential forward. His driving vision for CloudExpo is to expand and be the leading virtual conference platform in the APAC region.

Changing how we attend events with our vision.

We have a vision to build better event management, and a more sustainable event industry. We produce high-quality solutions for both physical and virtual events to co-exist where people can attend events from afar, and interact with participants on-site. This has become increasingly in demand due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. With such a clear vision and purpose, we are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing tech start-up in Malaysia, with over 20 new virtual events and conferences in just 3 months.

Our Values.

In our bid to the climate change fight, we reduce the usage of materials in physical event production by developing a hybrid event where minimal construction is used on-site and replacing them with electronic devices to connect to the virtual platform in a way that delivers on our vision of building a more sustainable event industry. That means we are committed to:

Innovation & Design – to push boundaries, not be hindered by space limitations, improve user experience and brand interactivity.

Leadership – to be leaders in our industry through high-efficiency tech solutions and the sharing of our knowledge to better both our partners’ and end-users social engagement.

Trust – to build trust through our commitment to our vision and the service we provide to our customers and those we interact with.


Our Why.

We will keep developing revolutionary solutions that are affordable for our customers to ride out the economic recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We want businesses to thrive and succeed to rebuild our economy.

This all starts with the service we create together.