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Perks of CloudBuddy

Covid-19 has reshaped the global economy, and businesses have become increasingly reliant on one another. The ruthless business rivalry is a thing of the past now with more businesses adopting the “win-win” strategy to persevere through this recession.
We want to succeed with every single one of our CloudBuddy by introducing our B2B2B strategy. CloudExpo collaborates with event organisers, professional conference hosts, and trade show organisers.

Virtual Event EcoSystem

Our partners include the best of 3D production houses, broadcasting management companies, and audio-visual rental companies. Our collaborative initiative aims to share resources. In addition to making money, we often share the know-how and prospects of the industry with our partners.

Personalised Virtual Event Experience

No two virtual events are the same. Partners can choose from the existing 3D template, or customize the virtual event as per the client's brand identity. We are open to ideas and are keen to explore them together.

Slide Protect your data
like never before
Move on from the old-school ways. Legacy data-protection solutions are just expensive insurance. We help you address the most important aspects of data protection and eliminate the complexity of keeping your data safe. CloudExpo provides around-the-clock threat intelligence and security event monitoring, as well as rapid response capabilities.

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